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We maintain a current schedule of all VC events. This helps us know when to connect sites and helps users plan sessions. The schedule will give you the Date, Start/Finish Time, Sites being used, Contact Person, and VC Session Topic for every VC on the schedule.

If there is a VC session already scheduled on the date and time that you would like to schedule one, no problem! We can run multiple sessions at one time. There are only a few rules to remember:

1. One site cannot participate in two different VC sessions at the same time. If a site that you would like to use is already on the schedule for the same date and time that you need it, then you will not be able to also use that site.

2. To avoid overloading the agency network, we try not to run more than 20 VC sites at any given time. If a session is on the schedule for 10 sites and you would like to hold a VC session at the same date and time, we will probably ask that you keep your requested sites at about 10 so that between the two session there will be no more than a total of 20 sites participating.

Last Updated: 09-10-2012

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