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Technical Support

Our technical support team is here to help you with any problems that you may have with the ordering, set up, or use of any video conferencing equipment.


Richard Watson - Video Engineer

Virginia Information Technology Agency

Phone: (804) 864-7179

Cell Phone: (804) 840-7646

Pager: (800) 918-5837


Rodney Taylor

Robert "Brad" Bradley - Distance Learning Coordinator
Virginia Department of Health
Office Phone: (804) 864-8233
Cell Phone: (804) 840-2376


If you have equipment that is broken/not operating properly, you will need to call WireOne's Technical assistance center at 1-800-654-8439. Be prepared to give them the equipment serial number. With the exception of the ViaVideo desktop units, we pay a maintenance contract on our Polycom equipment which covers technical support from the company and replacement of equipment that is not functioning properly. (This contract does not cover breakage of equipment by a person).

Last Updated: 07-21-2011

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