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Visual Concert VSX

Showing Content with a Visual Concert VSX

Download Download Visual Concert VSX

Visual Concert device

Start by checking that the computer is configured to use the same Resolution and refresh rate as the setting for the Visual Concert.  Here are the supported refresh rates: 


Refresh rates (Hz)

800 x 600

60, 72, 75, 85

1024 x 768

60, 70, 75, 85

To check the resolution and refresh rate for the Visual Concert, using the Polycom remote, go into System Info – Admin Settings – Monitors – Graphics/VGA

Choose the screen resolution that you would like to use.

Screen Resolution

To set the resolution and refresh rate on your computer, right click on your computer�s Desktop and choose Properties.  On the next screen choose Settings.

Adjust the screen resolution by sliding the pointer. Make sure that it matches the resolution for the Visual Concert.  Click Apply when you are done making changes.

Display Properties screenshot

Connecting the Visual Concert VSX:

Visual Concert VSX

The Visual concert comes with a box of cables.  One of the cables is a Mic cable about 4 feet long.  Start by connecting the Visual Concert to your Polycom Mic using the supplied cable.

Once connected, you should notice the buttons on the top of the Visual Concert blinking.  This will indicate that it is receiving power and going through boot-up.  It will stop blinking after about 30 seconds and the Blue Button should remain lit.  

Next you will want to connect the visual concert to your laptop.   The other cable in the box splits into 3 separate cables on each end.  cable box

  1. VGA connection
  2. Audio Cable
  3. Network Cable

Connect the cables to your Visual Concert as shown here.

Then connect the other ends of the cable to your laptop

The Purple button on the Visual concert is Play and the Blue button is Stop.

After all connections are made, turn on your laptop.  To start showing your laptop image to other video conference sites just push the Purple (Play) button.  If you get a message on the TV screen that reads �No VGA signal could be detected�; this means that your laptop is not sending the image to the Visual Concert.  You may need to push the appropriate Function button on the laptop to get the image to send.  On many laptops this is the F8 button but this can vary depending on the brand of laptop you are using.  While holding the (FN) button with one hand, press the F8 button one time.  The image should now appear on your TV.  If so, all of the other video conference sites can see it live.

To stop sending your computer image simply push the Blue (Stop) button on the Visual Concert.

If you need assistance please call Rich Watson at (804) 864-7179.

Last Updated: 07-21-2011

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